Repairs Your Business's Epoxy Flooring May Require

Epoxy flooring can be an excellent option for floors that experience intense wear and tear. Despite this type of flooring being extremely durable, it is still possible for it to suffer a range of problems that will have to be repaired to keep the epoxy looking its best and provide effective protection.

Deep Scratches In The Surface Of The Epoxy

Dropping heavy items on the epoxy or dragging heavy furniture across it can leave deep scratches in the surface of the epoxy. It is often possible to patch this damage with a clear resin. This will allow the scratch to be filled so that it will be less visible to those looking at the flooring. Additionally, it can prevent dirt and moisture from getting trapped in the scratch. In most cases, repairing these scratches with resin will be a fairly simple process that should not take more than a few minutes to complete. Although, you may want to mark the repair with a cone so that individuals avoid stepping on it until the resin has fully dried.

Chemical Stains On The Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is typically resistant to most types of staining. However, there are some chemicals that can be particularly effective at staining the surface of epoxy flooring. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to remove these stains as they may permanently alter the color of the epoxy coating. In these instances, resurfacing the epoxy may be the only option for eliminating the stain. Regularly cleaning the epoxy so that oil, paint, and other substances are removed before they can cause damage will help you to keep your floor protected despite potentially facing regular exposure to these substances.

The Epoxy Coating Peeling

At the end of the lifespan of the epoxy flooring, you may notice it starting to peel. This peeling will likely start in a small area of the flooring, but it can rapidly spread. Replacing the entire epoxy flooring will most likely be needed in these situations. While this can be a major project to undertake, it is often less disruptive than business leaders may think. Depending on the size of the floor that needs to have the epoxy coating replaced, it may be possible to complete this process in one day. Be sure to ask about the curing time though, as it may take longer before the floor can take on heavy traffic again.

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