Tile Grout Issues And Solutions

Old grout on your tile floors can begin to look worn out and tired due to mildew growth, stains, and cracking. Removing the floors just to replace the grout is expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are other solutions that can solve these problems.

Grout Issues

One of the main issues with grout is that it is more porous and absorbent compared to the surrounding tile. This makes it more prone to staining and discoloration from normal wear and tear, as well as sensitive to mildew growth and the resulting stains. For floors with light-colored grout, the problem is even more of a nuisance simply because it is highly visible.

Another issue with the porosity is that moisture is absorbed into the grout, which can be a bigger problem in damp rooms like the bathroom. The constant moisture exposure can decrease the lifespan of the grout because it will be more prone to deteriorating. 

Cleaning and Renewal

The good news is that the grout can be saved if you catch issues before it begins to crumble. A professional tile grout cleaning service will use a combination of cleaning solutions and steam to kill mildew and lift out any stains. If stains are stubborn, then a special bleaching paste may be used to lift out the stains that have soaked into the grout's pores.

Sometimes the grout may require more in-depth renewal. This can include replacing any grout that has suffered damages, such as cracking, shrinkage, or flaking. Your grout service may also apply a thin layer of fresh grout over the top to camouflage any particularly stubborn stains that couldn't be removed via cleaning. 

Preventative Care Options

You can prevent future stains and damages by having the tile grout sealed. Grout sealant is painted over the recently cleaned and restored grout. It creates a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture and stains from soaking in. The sealant also guards against the growth of mildew on the grout. 

If you have light-colored grout, you can have it dyed or painted a darker color before it is sealed. There are a few benefits to the option. Darker grout gives the room a new look and a facelift. It also hides any minor or major grout discoloration. Finally, it will prevent future stains from showing if they do occur. 

Contact a tile grout cleaning service to learn more about the grout solutions that are available. 

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Old grout on your tile floors can begin to look worn out and tired due to mildew growth, stains, and cracking. Removing the floors just to replace the