Broken Microwave? It Might Be Fixable

In past years, microwaves were mostly small, countertop appliances. They did not cost very much, so when they stopped working, people generally just threw them out and replaced them. These days, however, microwaves tend to be bigger and more expensive. As such, if your microwave stops working, you will want to look into having it fixed instead. Many microwave problems, including the following, can be addressed by a microwave repair service.

1. Your microwave is running, but not heating.

You put food in and it spins around, but when the timer rings, the food is still not warm! This problem is usually caused by a broken magnetron. This is the part of the microwave that takes the electrical current coming into the unit and converts it to the microwaves that actually heat your food. An appliance repair service can typically replace the magnetron in a microwave. They'll have to undo a few screws and remove the back panel of the unit, but after that, the repair is pretty simple for a professional to perform.

2. Your microwave's buttons are not working.

Did the touchpad stop working? There are a few possible explanations for this problem. There could be a faulty switch in the microwave's control panel, in which case your repair technician can just replace that switch. Another possibility is that the entire control board is damaged. Usually, this only happens in older microwaves after years of wear and tear. While a repair technician can replace a microwave control board, they'll often recommend against doing so, since it may cost almost as much as buying a brand new appliance.

3. Your microwave's tray won't spin. 

Definitely don't throw away a microwave because the tray has stopped spinning. Often, this means is that the roller guide is cracked or broken. All your repair technician needs to do in order to replace that roller guide is undo a few screws. Occasionally, the tray may stop spinning due to a burned-out motor. In this case, the motor can be replaced. This is also a pretty simple repair, although a new motor costs a bit more than a new roller guide. 

Microwaves break down all of the time. If yours is quite old, it may be worth replacing. However, it's still worth having an appliance repair contractor take a look before you toss that microwave in the trash. Many problems that seem big are actually pretty simple to repair.

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In past years, microwaves were mostly small, countertop appliances. They did not cost very much, so when they stopped working, people generally just t