Crucial Smoke Damage Restoration DIY Tips

Every year, fire wreaks massive devastation to businesses and homes in the United States. Fire restoration experts agree that fire is the easy part as far as fire damage is concerned. The greatest battle is dealing with the effects of smoke. Build up of smoke will aggravate the damage caused by the fire. This calls for intervention through speedy and professional smoke damage restoration. Fortunately, if the smoke damage is not extensive, you can personally handle the process. To ensure that you do it perfectly, here are a few tips for smoke damage cleanup.

The Sooner the Process Starts, the Better

In any smoke damage remedial exercise, time is always crucial. If you give the smoke and soot time to settle, the restoration process will be an uphill task, and the property will incur more damage. Some of the damage includes yellowing, discoloration, and rusting of belongings and surfaces. Besides, the soot-smell is a health hazard, especially for people with respiratory problems.


After it is safe to venture into the building, turn off the HVAC system. This action will hinder the spread of soot particles across the building. Keep in mind that the faster it is switched off, the less the chance of the damage spreading throughout the premises. After the HVAC is off, you should open doors and windows to air the building and eliminate the soot. Remember to change air filters in the HVAC system after the cleanup is done.


There is a high chance that smoke is likely to discolor your wall paint. If you can repaint it yourself, you can save money. However, if you find it a challenge, you can call in an expert to assist. Ensure that you paint the walls, and you can even change the color scheme of your house.

Protective Gear

Like any cleanup procedure involving handling chemicals, wearing protective gear such as masks, gloves, and overalls is recommended during smoke damage restoration. During the exercise, soot particles in the air can be inhaled, prompting asthmatic attacks. They can also irritate your skin and eyes. At times, the restoration process's chemical substances can prove as dangerous as the fire's soot.

Essential Supplies

Before you embark on the smoke damage restoration exercise, ensure that you have all the necessary supplies. Luckily, most of the supplies for the process are easily accessible. Ensure that you have clean rags, sponges, and a vacuum cleaner. Other necessities include baking soda, hot water, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol.

Picking up the pieces after a fire disaster can prove challenging. But with the right knowledge, you can get back on your feet by taking care of the smoke damage restoration cleanup yourself.

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