Signs That Could Mean Your Home's Foundation Is Shifting and in Need of Repair

The idea of foundation damage to your home is probably a worrisome thought. Fortunately, a repair contractor can fix problems with your foundation as long as the damage is caught early enough. Here are some signs that could mean your foundation has shifted, and some repairs your house might need.

You Notice Water Pooling Near Your House

One of the main causes of foundation damage is water. Water should always drain away from your house. If you notice water puddling near your house after it rains, or if your gutters spill water near your foundation, it may be damaged, especially if the water problem has gone on for a long time.

You See Cracks in Walls

You might notice cracks in exterior walls or indoors in your drywall. This can happen when the foundation shifts. The more it shifts, the more signs of foundation damage you may see around your home. If you have a basement, you might even notice the walls look like they're bowing.

You See Cracks in the Slab

Cracks can appear in a slab or basement floor too. If the soil shrinks or expands under the concrete, the concrete might sink and crack or heave and crack. Some foundation cracks aren't serious, but big cracks that are uneven can be a sign of foundation damage. When you see cracks in your foundation, call a repair specialist to check the cracks to see if they mean your foundation is in trouble.

You Notice Odd Things With Doors and Cabinets

When your home's foundation shifts, it throws things out of alignment in your house. Your doors may stick, your cabinets might pull away from the wall, the floors in your house may become uneven, and the windows may get stuck because they are no longer level.

Damage like this may start small and make you wonder if you're really seeing crooked cabinets and wavy floors. If you don't have foundation repairs done promptly, the damage to your home will probably escalate until you can't deny your house has a serious problem. If you suspect your house has foundation damage, call a repair contractor without delay. It's better to have your house checked and find out cracks are just cosmetic than it is to put off taking action and wind up with severe damage that is expensive to repair.

A repair specialist might need to fill cracks, lift part of the foundation with grout or polyfoam, or put piers under your house. The method of house foundation repair depends on how your house is built, the soil conditions under your house, and the type of damage that's occurred. In addition to repairing damage, the contractor might also need to waterproof your home or improve drainage so water is no longer a threat to your foundation.

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