Signs You Need Emergency Water Restoration

Do you need 24/7 water restoration done on your property? Whether the property in question is your own home, a rental home, your business, or even your home's garage, you should know when you have an emergency water problem on your hands. Here are signs you need emergency water damage restoration done on your home.

You have active flooding or standing water

If you have any flooding in your property, even if it's only a few inches of water, you need to call for 24/7 water damage restoration right away. Any active flooding means there is water damage in your floorboards, subfloors, foundation, wall joists, drywall, and other areas of the home. The longer water is left to stand or rush, the more water damage can happen as a result.

A 24/7 water damage restoration company brings in professionals who use special tools to remove the water from the property to halt the water damage that is starting. They then bring in fans and other machinery to ventilate the area and dry out the resulting moisture in the property. All this while removing furniture, window treatments, wallpaper, carpets, and floors that have been damaged by water.

The sooner you have water damage treated, the better you can restore or preserve the affected areas in your property. If you have an active flood with water that may be unclean, vacate the property while waiting for emergency water damage restoration professionals.

You don't know the water source of your damage

Did you come home to soaking floors, or do you not know where the water damage came from in your home? Since water damage can be caused by anything from a leaking pipe to an overflowing toilet to anything in between, it's important that you let the professionals of a 24/7 water damage restoration company to work on your home rather than try to clean up the water yourself. There may be contaminants in the water that is damaging your home, and you don't want to potentially get exposed. Block off the area of your home that has experienced water damage and call for a 24/7 water damage restoration company or ask your home insurance company for a referral to a water damage restoration company.

Your property should be free of moisture damage. The sooner you have water damage addressed, the less severe your water damage can be and costs may be less.

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