How A Water Damage Restoration Service Helps Dry Out Your Bedroom After A Plumbing Leak

If a burst plumbing pipe happened in the wall, ceiling, or floor in your bedroom, you have to act fast to get the room dry. Mold starts growing in just a couple of days, and you don't want to sleep in a room that has hidden mold. Drying out a bedroom can be difficult since there are so many fabric items in the room and fabrics, such as the mattress and carpet, are hard to get dry fast enough to prevent mold. Calling a water damage restoration service may be necessary. Here are some steps they may take.

Deal With A Wet Mattress

Consider if your mattress is worth the time and money it would take to dry it out and make it safe to sleep on. If the mattress is old or inexpensive, then replacing it is the safest way to deal with the problem. If your mattress is fairly new and it cost a lot of money, you probably want the restoration company to try to save it.

A mattress might be salvageable if it isn't saturated with water and if the water isn't contaminated. It depends on the material the mattress is made from too. An innerspring mattress has springs that hold the inner material apart so air can flow through, and these mattresses are easier to get dry.

A restoration company may use a wet vac and heavy-duty dryers to remove all traces of moisture from the mattress. The mattress has to be completely dry in a short amount of time or mold will grow inside it and then you'll have to throw the mattress out.

Dry Out Wet Furniture

If you have a wood bedroom set, it may sustain water damage since wood soaks up water. The key to preventing further damage is to dry out the wood slowly. You don't want to put a wet wood dresser in the sun or blow it dry with dryers.

Instead, soak up the water with towels and let the wood dry gradually. Dismantling the furniture might help with the drying process. When you hire a water damage restoration professional, they know how to deal with all types of water damage, and they'll know how to care for your wood furniture so it survives if possible.

Dry The Carpet

If your bedroom has an area rug instead of carpet, the restoration company may take the rug and dry it in their facility. If your room has carpet, you'll need to assess the damage and then decide if your carpet is worth saving. The restoration service may go over it slowly with a wet vac to extract as much water as possible and then use dryers and a dehumidifier to finish drying the fibers.

They may recommend pulling the carpet up instead to ensure the back gets dry. You may need to throw out the padding and then dry out the floor before new padding can be put down and the dry carpet replaced.

For more information on water damage restoration, reach out to a company like Quick Dry Austin.

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