What Services Can A Tractor Trailer Repair Company Provide?

Tractor trailers are integral pieces of equipment for trucking companies. Your ability to haul cargo depends on the integrity of your tractor trailers. A tractor trailer that has broken down is a liability that can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Fortunately, tractor trailer repair can get your vehicle in excellent working condition again. Here are three services a tractor trailer repair company can provide:

1. Repair cracks in the trailer frame

The trailer portion of tractor trailers must carry several tons of weight. Their frames are made from durable metal in order to accomplish this task. However, over time these frames may begin to degrade, cracking under prolonged pressure. A tractor trailer repair service can repair these cracks using welding techniques. It's important to let a professional handle this repair, since they will know how to weld the frame according to the recommendations of the trailer manufacturer. A poorly done welding job can lead to injury or lost merchandise, so you want to ensure it's done right the first time.

2. Change a flat tire

When an ordinary car gets a flat tire, it's a simple matter to use a carjack to suspend the vehicle before changing the tire. However, performing tire replacements on a tractor trailer is significantly more complicated. The large size and heavy weight of the truck can make this a dangerous operation. A tractor trailer repair service can change flat tires so you can get your truck back on the road. They can also check the air pressure of your remaining tires and inflate them to the recommended PSI to prevent further tire accidents.

3. Fix your tractor trailer's liftgate

The liftgate on your tractor trailer makes it easy to load and unload cargo. Ideally, the liftgate should raise, lower, and fold up smoothly and without any unnecessary grinding or freezing. If your liftgate gets stuck or it begins to make unusual sounds during operation, you should have it inspected for damage. Even sluggish operation may indicate a problem. Usually, the problem lies within the motor itself. Fortunately, a tractor trailer repair service has experience fixing many types of mechanical problems. They can open up the liftgate motor and replace any parts that have broken or worn out.

Prompt repairs can keep your tractor trailer fleet in excellent condition. Trust the expertise and reliability of a tractor trailer repair service to keep your vehicles running. Don't hesitate to give your repair service a call at the first sign of trouble.

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