The Basics About Basement Waterproofing

As a homeowner, moisture in your basement is a troubling issue. When your basement leaks, it renders that space unusable for storage or other purposes because the moisture can damage things, cause mold growth, and more. It's important that you waterproof your basement to prevent things like this, but many homeowners don't understand the fundamentals of basement waterproofing. Here are a few things that you need to know.

There Is No Single Solution

Some people mistakenly believe that only interior or exterior waterproofing will work to protect a basement. The truth is that there is no single solution that's right for every basement. In fact, proper waterproofing should be customized to each basement. 

You'll need to have a basement waterproofing contractor come out and evaluate your basement in order to get the proper solution for your home. This evaluation includes determining the source of water problems and then creating a plan to address those specific concerns.

You may need to deal with water accumulation along the foundation, or you might have to address condensation and water vapor issues. No matter what your basement needs, there are solutions to help.

Waterproofing Paint Isn't A Sole Solution

With easy access to waterproofing paint, many homeowners believe that they can simply paint their basement walls and no longer have to worry about any moisture issues. The truth is that waterproofing paint should be only one component of a complete waterproofing system if you decide to use it. It can only provide so much protection, which can leave your basement still vulnerable if you don't work with a waterproofing contractor to complete the job.

Proper Waterproofing Will Keep Your Basement Dry

Sometimes you may hear stories from other homeowners that waterproofing their basement wasn't fully effective. This is not necessarily untrue, but it's important that you understand what measures they took to waterproof the basement before you take that statement as an indication that waterproofing isn't going to keep your basement dry.

In fact, proper waterproofing conducted by a licensed contractor can, and will, keep your basement dry. With barriers built inside and out as well as a water diversion system, you'll be able to finish your basement and use it for whatever you wish.

The more you understand about basement waterproofing, the easier it is to see not only how it can help but why it should be done by a contractor instead of trying to do it yourself. Reach out to a local contractor who offers waterproofing services for more information about your home's needs.

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