Maintenance Tips For Your Stove/Oven To Prevent A Fire

Your stove/oven is an appliance you count on for weekend breakfasts, quick weekly dinners, and long, thought-out holiday meals. What you don't think will ever happen is your stove not lighting as soon as you turn it on. You never consider the idea of your oven not heating up to temperature when you're in the middle of holiday cooking. A breakdown can occur from failing to maintain your appliance, but a breakdown is nothing compared to a fire from this appliance. This is something that can occur if you don't care for your appliance properly. Read on for a few maintenance tips you may have been neglecting to do.

Clean The Oven

Cleaning your oven to remove the grime and other built-up debris inside your appliance can help to prevent a fire. When you turn on your broiler or even the oven itself, if you have a lot of built up debris inside, such as grease, oils, spills and debris that has fallen onto the bottom of the oven, it could catch fire. If you have the self-cleaning option on your appliance, be sure to remember to use this at least every couple of months to clean the appliance thoroughly. If you don't have a self-cleaning oven, use a combination of vinegar and baking soda to clean the inside of the oven. You can also use oven cleaner, although it can be odorous. Be sure to use a fan or open a window to remove the odors from your home.

Check The Connections

The connections at the back of the oven can lead to a fire if there is an issue such as damaged wires, a damaged plug, or if the gas line is not attached properly. Pull out your oven and inspect the back side to be sure there isn't any type of damage. Make sure the gas line is attached tightly, and be sure the plug and any wires going to your appliance are not damaged. They can become damaged from mice, or just from use over time. If you have any damage at all, make sure these are replaced as needed by a professional appliance repairman.

If your appliance is not maintained properly, it could lead to a fire in your home. When a fire occurs, a restoration company will be necessary to repair your home. Maintain this appliance and others as well to prevent issues such as fires or floors. Contact a restoration company like Golden State Equipment Repair about having your appliances maintained for you.

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