What Happens When You Use Professional Fire Restoration Services

Did you have a house fire that causes a significant amount of damage to your home? If so, it is likely that you'll request the help of a company that specializes in restoring the damage caused by fires. Here is what you need to know about the process that is used. 


The process starts with getting rid of everything in the home that is too damaged to repair. The fire restoration company will strip the home down to the studs if necessary, removing flooring and walls that have significant damage. Items can be removed because they are not cost-efficient to repair or because they are simply damaged beyond repair and are not worth saving.

For example, if you had a kitchen fire, the restoration company may remove all of the cabinetry and appliances that were damaged by the fire. If there was a wall with significant smoke damage, that drywall will need to be removed and replaced with new material. All carpeting covered with smoke will need to be ripped out and thrown away because it is much more affordable and effective to buy new material for your floors.

Smoke Removal 

The next step is to remove the smoke odor from everything. This is done in a few ways that you should be aware of. Anything small can be taken to a special facility that has an ozone room, which works by altering the molecules of the air to remove those molecules that are causing the area to smell like smoke. For larger things that cannot be removed from your home, special chemicals must be used to kill the odor. This is often done on wood framing since it is not practical to remove the material. Many items made of plastic won't be available to repair due to smoke causing the material to be discolored or smell of smoke.


With the damaged material removed and the ones that remain treated so that they do not smell like smoke, the restoration company can move on to construction. They'll rebuild and restore the parts of the home that were damaged until they are back to the way it once was. In the case of a kitchen fire, new cabinets will be brought in to replace the old ones, and new appliances will be purchased if they are damaged beyond repair. The goal will be to return your home to the way it once was before the fire. 

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