The Steps Involved In The Mold Remidiation Process

If you have mold in your home, mold remediation may be needed. Most people have never had mold remediation done, and as such, do not understand what steps go into this time-consuming and laborious process. Here are the basic steps that are involved during the mold remediation process:

1. Determining Why the Mold is Present

One of the first steps in the mold remediation process is to determine why the mold is present. Mold needs moisture to grow. This means that water must have been, or currently is, present. Removing mold will not be helpful unless the water issue is solved. Figuring out why mold is present is key to preventing future mold.

2. Figuring Out What Type of Mold is Present and How Extensive the Infestation Is

The next step in the remediation process is to figure out what type of mold is present and how extensive the infestation is. This typically involves sending samples to a lab for identification. Without knowing the type and extent of the mold issues, the mold cannot be properly treated.

3. Creating a Remediation Plan

Once the type of mold, the reason the mold is present and the scope of the mold infestation is known, a remediation plan can be put together. This plan involves how various contractors will work together to remove the existing mold and prevent future mold in the future.

4. Remediating the Mold and Solving the Water Issue

The fourth step is to actually remove the mold and solve the water issue that is allowing the mold to grow. The water issue, such as a leaking pipe must be solved concurrently as the mold is being removed to ensure future mold does not grow. Likewise, the mold must be removed with the water issue is solved so the area is safe for another contractor, such as a plumber, to work around.

5. Cleaning and Sanitizing the Area

Once the water issue and the mold are cared for, the area will be cleaned and sanitized. This ensures it is safe for your family to live in and utilize the space once again.

If you have mold in your home, you should not delay in contacting a mold remediation company. They will work with you to come up with a plan to determine why the mold is present, to remove the mold, to prevent further mold from growing and to ensure the area is clean and sanitized. Contact a mold remediation company as soon as water damage has occurred in your home or mold is spotted.

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