Tips To Ensure Your Vacuum Works As Your Best Cleaning Tool

Cleaning your home is a constant task that needs to be handled, otherwise, you will become overrun with dust bunnies, dirt, and errant particles on your floor. When your floor is dirty, it will circulate into the air and onto all other surfaces inside your home. For this reason, it is essential you keep your vacuum maintained to clean up your home's dirt and dust. Here are some ways you can keep your home its cleanest and your vacuum working its best.

Manage the Vacuum Dust Collection Receptacle 

When you use your vacuum weekly for the whole house and every few days for high traffic areas, for example, the dirt is going to collect quickly inside your vacuum bag or bin. If you have a bag-less model, be sure you empty it after each use to ensure the vacuum's suction stays strong. A full bin can limit the suction and function of your vacuum. Then, rinse it clean periodically and dry it before you replace the collection bin back into your vacuum.

If your vacuum contains a bag, the bag should never get completely full. A full bag will result in dust and particles exiting the bag and ending up back on your floor. Check your bag each week to make sure of its remaining capacity. Replace the bag before it is three-quarters full. Always remove the bag and replace it outside your home because dust and debris will escape the bag.

Professionally Clean and Service Your Vacuum

Your vacuum sees a lot of wear and tear and gets dirty with buildup after months and years of usage, and you may begin to notice your vacuum does not always work as well as when you first got it. These are natural signs of regular wear to your vacuum and it is important you take care of this most important cleaning tool. Without your vacuum working well, you won't be able to pull up dirt, dust, and debris from the floor of your home, and it will collect and compile to become a threat to your home's overall cleanliness and your allergies.

Arrange to take your vacuum to a vacuum service professional for a service appointment. Look for a local vacuum repair shop and schedule to take your vacuum in for a cleaning to remove excess buildup inside your vacuum that you may not be able to get out on your own. If there is a clog deep inside the vacuum hose, they will be able to remove it, for example.

During this cleaning, the vacuum professional can also replace any worn parts, such as the belt on the beater drum. They will make sure your vacuum is working in its top performance. If your vacuum isn't working well, visit a vacuum cleaner dealer for more information. 

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